What Is Google Lens & How Can You Find Its Top Features ?

 What Is Google Lens & How Can You Find Its Top Features ?

Google Lens. Is That The Next Version Of Google Goggles. Which Was Discontinued in 2014 With The Assistance Of Google Lens. You’ll Scan Any Product Like A Picture Of An Animal, Something Around You Or Something Else. 

What Is Google lens?

TO Use it, you only need to focus your camera thereon and click on the lens button. After clicking, Google lens will offer you complete information about the thing seen within the camera. love it will tell you which of them sort of flower it’s What restaurant is that this and what’s found here. what’s its review?

When are you able to get Google lens on your phone ?

Google lens was also available on the company’s phone Pixel and Pixel 2 series earlier. But Within the month of February, the corporate announced that this feature also will be available for other smartphones. In Google I / O 2018, Google said that this feature will come just for a couple of smartphones including broads like LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, HMD / Nokia, Transition, TCL, OnePlus, BQ, and Asus.

What are you able to do with the assistance of Google lens?

There are many sorts of features coming in Google Lens. like smart text selection, style match and real time search. With the assistance of smart text selection, you’ll place your phone’s camera on any text and replica it. for instance, suppose you set your device on someone’s Wifi Password and it’ll copy and paste it within the direct Wi-fi login window. aside from this, Style Match has also been included in Google Lens. Like suppose you visited buy a shirt during a shop and you liked a shirt there but it clothed to be very expensive. After this, with the assistance of favor match you only need to put your camera thereon shirt. after which Google lens will show you more other shirts attached thereto shirt. So with the assistance of real time, you’ll search the topics associated with any subject, that to with none delay.

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