WhatsApp Aadharit Exam Babat No Latest Paripatra Date : 20-01-2021

What is school choice? School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children. Every child is unique, and all children learn differently. Some children might succeed at the neighborhood public school, while others might fit in better at a charter, magnet, online, private or home learning environment. That’s why school choice is so important! These options include all forms of education, from traditional public schools, to public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling.

  • An important decision of the state education department
  • The standard 3 to 12 WhatsApp base test will be taken
  • The education department released the WhatsApp number

An important decision has been taken by the Gujarat Education Department. The WhatsApp base for standard 3 to 12 will be tested. In this regard, the education department has announced the WhatsApp number.

How to take the exam
The first phase examination will start from January 23. In this first phase standard 3 to 5 examination will be taken and then examination will be organized every week.

What is the registration number?
Registration should be done on the number  8595524523  and the reply should be written and sent to the school’s Udayas code. This will be followed by the details of the school in the reply. The student will have to give his details after the details of the school come. 10 questions have to be answered



Every child deserves an effective, challenging, and motivating education. And, because each student has their own unique set of talents, interests, and challenges, having a variety of options in education is crucial. What works well for one child may not work well for another child! In short, school choice ensures that each student can find a learning environment that allows them to be inspired, successful, and happy

Updated: January 21, 2021 — 7:06 am