How to Apply for Marriage Certificate in India

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 In India, Marriage Is Considered A Sacred Rite. That Is Why The Matter Of Marriage Registration  Has Been Included In Our Law. Registration Is A Must For Any Couple. Educated Or Uneducated They Must Fulfill This Responsibility. 

Considering the situation from today, the Gujarat Marriage Registration Act 2006 was enacted to ensure the effective implementation of the  provisions of compulsory registration of marriage in the state. Marriage Registration is required for today’s youth. The future of the newlyweds is secured through Marriage Registration is a very simple process. So friends, let us know the process of Marriage Registration. Meaning, the way to get a Marriage Certificate 

A few year ago, people did not usually think about marriage registration. Traditional Customs were enough to get married, but now a number of legal processes, from passports to marriage registration certificates, are required. In some cases this certificates also becomes an important document in court disputes arising after marriage.

Marriage Certificate after marriage is helpful in this way. As such, the certificate helps in getting all the legal rights and benefits related to marriage if one does not want to change the name or surname after marriage, according to the Supreme Court, Certificates come in handy in all the functions like opening a joint bank account, taking insurance, taking advantage of a nationalized bank Passport, visa, taking joint property, Marriage Certificates can save you a lot of trouble. For example, if the husband is in a government job, how many benefits can be obtained. Women can legally fight for their rights if they have a marriage certificate in all cases like marriage fraud, child marriage and divorce. This Certificate is also very useful for seeking alimony after divorce. 

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Some cities also have an online registration option…
Online registration has recently started in some states. Hindu Marriage Registration Software has been prepared for her. The application form can be downloaded by visiting the departmental website. All required documents can be scanned and attached to the application form. Gradually this process is being applied in many places. This process has been implemented by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. it’s a simple process that can be done sitting at home. 

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